Learn the practical mindset and habits that enable some women to attract the right love and co-create a successful relationship, where they are happy fulfilled and stay empowered.

Everyone tells you how beautiful love is, yet all around you, you see evidence of love failing.

How do some women attract the right love and co-create a successful relationship – happy, fulfilled, and make it look effortless?

What do they know that you don’t?

If this question has crossed your mind, then you might be interested in this.

The Right Love Mindset Primer Guide with The 18 Core Beliefs Of Smart Women Who Attract The Right Love and Co-create Successful Relationships.

  • You were told that finding love is natural right? 
  • Yet here you are still asking ‘why am I single?’  
  • You were told that love just happens. 
  • Here you are still waiting, it hasn’t happened.

Everyone tells you how important love is, yet all around you, you see evidence of love failing. 

It’s more than likely that you’ve experienced your own confusion and disappointment with love, yet something in you says …
‘real love is possible and I will experience it too.’ 

Trouble is there is a lot of weird advice online and there are some questionable best selling books on relationships.

You’ve possibly taken this weird online advice like ‘how to get your ex back’ (Don’t do it!)

You’ve also possibly read books that teach you how to manipulate people into ‘loving’ you.

I  know you don’t see it this way but, I know you also wonder why the relationship doesn’t work beyond the tips, tricks, and hacks  (manipulative antics) you learned.

Hi, I’m Moira Chigariro.

I’m the first and only Right Love Mentor.

I help single women break the cycle of lovelessness, and struggle in love.

I guide them towards fulfilment and joy in the right love set up and, I’m building a community for single women by starting a conversation around what a healthy relationship looks like and feels like.

Using my distinctive mentoring, coaching, courses, events and podcast I help you redefine and reconstruct what love and a healthy relationship feels like  ….. for you.

Whether she’s an entrepreneur, works in the city, in retail, a university student or an influencer, my clients are unified by their experience of disappointment and confusion about how despite what they were told, love doesn’t just happen.

My focus is to help you choose the right love by breaking cycles of generational relationship pain. I shine a light on generational pain patterns because I was unknowingly recreating the pain and reinforcing the belief that love has to be a struggle, you just have to be strong and survive it. I had to be honest in my dating journey to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Obviously, there is a story here, and I would love to share it with you one day.

For now, I want you to know that I broke the cycle, and I’ve been helping women like you break their own cycles. Now, let me show you how women who attract the right love and co-create happy fulfilling relationships do it.

Q: What do they know? 

Q: What does she know and practice that you don’t?

A: She knows that it’s about reevaluating her self worth, interrogating how she values and sees herself through un-learning the damage done in the environment she grew up in (home and/or society) and unpacking the damage done in previous relationships. Creating new values and boundaries that support + serve her, then sticking to them, is the practice.

From here she can attract the right love with the kind of habits, mindset and intentional choices that help her eliminate relationship struggles.


Unlearning the damage is a deeply personal journey that I would be happy to help you with, when you are ready, but for now if you want to know how some women attract the right love and co-create a successful relationship  – happy, fulfilled and make it look so effortless?

The Right Love Mindset Primer Guide with The 18 Core Beliefs Practiced By Smart Women Who Attract The Right Love  And Co-Create Happy Fulfilling Relationships + journalling exercises is what you need.

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