If you are like most women who feel like they are struggling in their love life, you have tried a lot of advice, tips, tricks and maybe hacks (very questionable) to ‘find the one’ but you still don’t have what you want.

You are probably dealing with the intrusion and stupidity of the ‘how are you still single?’ question. Maybe you are asking yourself that question in a way that is evoking charged and sometimes contracted feelings.

You could also be trying to figure out your ‘complicated’ relationship, and having to see other couples in your social media feed, looking like they completely have their shit together doesn’t help.

Like others you’ve dated….The Good guy, Mr Nice, The Sensitive guy, Mr Spiritual, The Charmer, Mr Hard Worker, The Hustler ….and everything else in between and you feel like you keep fighting the same fight.

Different faces, same battle. Different experiences, same result?

What you really want is long lasting relationship success.

You want

Love and respect
Faithfulness and nurturing
Growth and support
Communication with trust
Understanding with patience
Clarity of direction and spontaneity
Joy…oh yes Joy!
Being consciously all that you are, without apology.
Being seen, being felt, being appreciated, being loved just because you are YOU.

Yet…. it feel like you are asking for  too much.

You dream of being with someone you love deeply and in a relationship that is exciting and emotionally, mentally and physically safe.

You want to be loved for who you are. No facade, no bending over backwards to please but then, when you are on a date you just end up cutting pieces of yourself off just to be liked.

Other times and only because you weren’t raised by neanderthals you are polite and remain pleasant despite the fact that, you are thinking this date is a freakin’ waste of both our time.

Then there are moments when you seem to hit it off and you feel like there is lot’s of potential here, but as the relationship develops something feels off.
You can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s just not quite what you hoped it would be and you feel like you are the one putting all the effort.

So you hang in there because you want this to work.

You tolerate the ‘questionable’ behaviour and you stay because you want him to be ‘the one’. This is painful and you want your ‘perfect’ relationship. So you stay and try and make him the one.

Slowly and sheepishly putting my hand up here because…..I’ve been there.

I also now know that it almost always ends up in heartache. I know that if you leave your relationship success to hope and fate it’s highly unlikely that you will get what you want. I can say this because if it goes anything like how mine went. I was left heartbroken, feeling stupid and questioning my worth.

It was freakin’ hard work and painful. I know what it feels like to make excuses for disrespect and no interest because of the comfort of familiarity. I’ve dated ‘potential’ but it felt like pushing a boulder up a mountain. I also know what it feels like to be with someone who looks the part, but not right for me.

If this resonates with you, you are not alone. I’m here for you.

I want to help you set yourself up for the right love, so you never again waste time and emotional investment in yet another dead end relationship.

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