I help smart women who are determined dreamers to commit to their dreams and aspiration so they can bring them to life whilst healing the wounds within.

Whether you want to discover your soul cry, stoke your creativity, shatter physical and emotional glass ceilings or want to discover what living fully would look like for you.

I’m here to help you unleash, expand, embrace and flow with the beautiful, purposeful, impactful divine woman that you are.

Immersive transformational coaching

A  three, six, or 12 month journey where I will help you navigate the struggle to transform it to ease, replace fear with faith and sometimes simply encourage you to keep moving despite the fear.

When self doubt creeps in I’ll help you let the confidence in you roar. Maybe money and time feel scarce and you want more freedom, space and affluence.

When you feel stuck, it’s my job to help you find your flow.

This immersion begins only when you are truly ready to commit to your desires and dreams. It’s an individual journey designed to construct a new foundation for being by making significant changes and reinforcing them with consistent communication over consecutive months.

The journey includes a an initial 1 hour session that is recorded;

Three 60 minute sessions per month, individualised home learning and email access to me for on the spot coaching in between sessions.

Learn more about the coaching packages here

Then contact me for a free exploratory session – moira@moirasconfab.com