One  on  One  Coaching  with  Moira

Do you feel like you’ve been chasing your tail when it comes to your love life? Not attracting anyone at all or attracting the same type of guys over and over it’s beginning to feel like a never ending rotating door of wrong men? If that’s you you are in the right place.

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This Right Love Approach session is for the woman who wants to understand and heal the story anchoring the way she is approaching her love life. She wants to let go of heartache and shame and in some cases she wants to let go of the sense of ‘being left behind’. She wants to be aware of her blocks so she can begin to heal them in order to embody emotional freedom, security and availability so she can show up as the best version of herself. 

Choose  a  45  minute  or  60  minute  session.

Depending on where you are on your journey and what shows up in our conversation we will cover any of these topics:

✔︎Why where you are coming from matters

✔︎Accepting less than you deserve ‘where is this going’ uncertainty

✔︎Misguided thought patterns/mindset around love

✔︎Suppressing emotional pain, over functioning and wanting to please to gain love

✔︎The things stopping you from having the love, peace and happiness you desire.

✔︎Perception vs reality: The love you want may be different than you expect

✔︎Leading with your physicality, sexuality and accomplishments 

✔︎Over-giving and the necessity of creating boundaries

✔︎The real cost of ‘‘friends with benefits’’

✔︎Uncovering what you are protecting yourself from

✔︎The toxicity of having children ‘to keep him’

✔︎Are you really all in? Discover if you really choosing what you say you want?

✔︎The futile efforts of taking care of men who want a mother not a girlfriend or wife

✔︎Recognising and releasing emotional generational cycles

✔︎Entertaining emotionally unavailable men

✔︎Establishing values that serve you and your self worth

✔︎Attracting and creating healthy relationships

After our session, the option to work with me for 4 or 6 months or a custom sessions are available. Just ask.

Here’s to feminine emotional freedom, success, autonomy, peace, happiness and fulfilling love!

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 All  I  ask  is  that  you  trust  your  journey  and  trust  your  ability  to  make  the  next  right  choice.