Introducing The Right Love and Emotional Freedom Journey workshop

  • In this workshop you’re going to uncover why your values need to be guided by your journey to make you unapologetic about what you personally want and need.
  • This alone will finally help you control the narrative  and you’ll never again settle for crumbs
  • This is the ultimate step by step guide to help you uncover and harness your most authentic and sacred values so you can confidently navigate the dating process and identify the right love for you.
One on one coaching

If you are ready to take off the mask. Let go of the stories and reevaluate the values and beliefs that got you here. Ready to establish new values and beliefs for your journey to becoming the woman who attracts her ideal partner to co create a loving and respectful relationship then I'm here to help you get there.

I want to know more!

What you know has brought you this far and what you don’t know has created what you don’t want.  Let me help you create what you actually want.

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All  I  ask  is  that  you  trust  your  journey  and  trust  your  ability  to  make  the  next  right  choice.