What you know has brought you this far and what you don’t know has created what you don’t want.  Let me help you create what you actually want.

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Personalised  Right  Love  Confirmations  /  Affirmations

If you've tried 'I AM' affirmations and they haven't worked for you then you're one of those people who need a little extra help.

These are my top 22 confirmation affirmations looped for 30 minutes personally recorded by me for you in your name to take you from confused, impatient and frustrated about love to totally clear and relaxed so you can become an energetic match for the right love.

One on One Coaching

If you are ready to take off the mask. Let go of the stories and reevaluate the values and beliefs that got you here. Ready to establish new values and beliefs for your journey to becoming the woman who attracts her ideal partner to co create a loving and respectful relationship then I'm here to help you get there.

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Break  ups,  letting  go  and  moving  forward

The Letting Go Meditation: A heart healing visualisation mediation audio with writing prompts to help you process the sadness and reconnect with yourself.

The Break Up Cure is a 30 day journey to process and work through your emotions. It sets you on the path to   healing, so you can let go of the relationship and move forward with confidence knowing that in time and at the right time, love will find you. The Break Up Cure will help you dedicate the next 30 days to yourself with daily soul full lessons, prompts and self learning exercises to help you reconnect with yourself so you can feel whole again, rebuild your confidence, create your own happiness and feel empowered + safe to move forward with clarity, peace and a new understanding of love so that in time when the love comes to find you, you’ll know what the right love looks and feels like for you.

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Courses and Workshops
All  I  ask  is  that  you  trust  your  journey  and  trust  your  ability  to  make  the  next  right  choice.