Who I am.

Hi, I’m Moira Chigariro.  Born and raised in Zimbabwe, now living in the United Kingdom.

I’m a woman who wants to make a massive contribution, and I want to see a change. I’m a daughter, sister, a mum and a wife.

Founder of MoirasConfab. Creator of the Right Love Set Up Approach and to you, The Right Love Mentor.


What I do

I’m here for women who want the right love, and are struggling to attract and create long-term respectful and loving relationships. If this is you. I show you how you can set yourself up for the right love, to avoid yet another minimising relationship.

My platform and work exists to affirm the necessity of being intentional in love and being committed to reconstructing our relationship to relationships. It’s to stoke a fire in women to come awake in their power of choice and ownership in the creation of their relationship destiny.

I’m innately insightful and I use this to mentor you into the right love. It’s part expanding mind-set, part habit awareness, part universal wisdom, part emotional acuity, part inspirational, part somatic and ultimately transformational.

It’s about you reconstructing love and relationships your way.


You can also read it below the video.


The secret tears need to stop

I believe that a lot of women have secret tears because they got entangled with the wrong person and married them.

I know that as a result of being with the wrong person these women are bleeding emotionally.

Heartache happens, but I believe that too many women accept suffering in what they believe is love, just as much as they accept the earth under their feet and the sky above their head.

Oh is this one of those things we are not supposed to talk about?

In that case I have to tell you this from Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I love this quote.

‘ Though her soul requires seeing, the culture around her requires sightlessness. Though her soul wishes to speak its truth, she is pressured to be silent.’

I’m a person who wants to make a massive contribution and I want to see a difference. I’m a mum and a wife.

I grew up being the observer of the progressive acute emotional suffering of women in relationships that were not right for them.

 The emotional bleeding needs to stop

I believe we need to get uncomfortable with the acceptance of emotional bleeding in the name of what we misguidedly think is love.

We’ve been conditioned to accept this emotional suffering as normal. We need to stop this!

This is what I know. My soul purpose is steeped in the female partnering desire.

It’s to inspire single women, to stoke and awaken the knowing of what they truly deserve.

Compromising our joy needs to stop

This is so that, they don’t compromise their life and their joy through their relationship choices.

I won’t stand quietly by and let them settle for climbing a tree when they once dreamed of reaching the stars.

I know that most women looking for love don’t know that they are allowing or are entangled in a self diminishing relationship.

I think when some women marry the wrong person they spend a lifetime forcing a fairytale and never own up to the fact that their castle is made of sand.

I dare to believe that we can stop this.

I now know that,  from the very beginning most women have never been taught how to set themselves up for relationship success.

I think when you start dating someone and as the relationship progresses you need to ask yourself: Is this the right love for me?

This is why I’m here. This is my soul cry and it has created the basis of my work. 

I’ve experienced too many women who know that someone isn’t right for them, when they are dating, but they override this knowing in pursuit of a fairy tale ending.  Trouble is their ending is never happily ever after, but bitterly resentful ever after. And those that are severely minimised, become victims of their own choices, because they ignored all the warning signs.

In part, I was once one of those women. Dating and determinedly holding onto a relationship that was minimising me. It was so subtle, yet the negative permutations where taking root, with a steady speed, fed on familiarity.

3 kinds of stories

History, the present and the future are all made and created on the foundation of 3 kinds of stories.
The stories we are told,  the stories we believe, and the stories we change.

Based on the stories I was told and those that I believed, I held onto a relationship that just wasn’t right for me.

It took deciding to change the story to save me from committing to the wrong person. It’s not that he was a bad person, but he wasn’t right for me.

I think a lot of us believe in futures helplessly held in luck or fate. So based on what we see and  experienced, we think that we are destined to struggle in relationships.

When what is supposed to be love makes us doubt our self worth and we are minimised and disrespected, we think this is normal.  So we stay, our heart aches, we tolerate, accept and suffer ..yet still we stay.

She bleeds emotionally and she stays.

I think we are ready to acknowledge that we need to handle this from the beginning.

Let’s reconstruct love and relationships our way

I want all the women looking for love to join me in reconstructing our approach to love.

I believe we need to dramatically shift the conversation from ‘Why am I still single?’ and ‘How can I find a man and make him the one?’ to a conversation on the importance of a foundation of recreating relationships from the feminine sovereignty and reconstructing love with an approach that sets you up for the right love.  

I believe that a women’s clarity and emotional freedom in relationships is integral to her relationship fulfilment when she meets the right person.

It’s time to step into our emotional sovereignty

When we take responsibility for how we want to feel in love, we are not held back by the imposition of toxic masculinity, unhealthy dependencies and futile emotional investment.
I believe this is how we break the cycle of feminine emotional bleeding, and model love, equality and respect for women generationally.

It’s time to awaken your emotional sovereignty and reconstruct love on your terms.