Hi, I’m Moira Chigariro.

I’m the first and only Right Love Mentor. I help single women break the cycle of love-less-ness, and struggle in love. I guide them towards fulfilment and joy in the right love set up and I’m building a community for single women by starting a conversation around what a healthy relationship looks and feels like.

Using my distinctive mentoring, coaching, courses, events and podcast I help you redefine and reconstruct what love and a healthy relationship looks and feels like….. for you.

Whether she’s an entrepreneur, works in the city, in retail, a university student or an influencer, my clients are unified by their experience of disappointment and confusion about how despite what they were told, love doesn’t just happen.

My focus is to help you choose the right love by breaking cycles of generational relationship pain. I shine a light on generational pain patterns because I was unknowingly recreating the pain and reinforcing the belief that love has to be a struggle, you just have to be strong and survive it. I had to be honest in my dating journey to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Obviously, there is a story here, and I would love to share it with you one day. For now, I want you to know that I broke the cycle, and I’ve been helping women like you break their own cycles.

I’m here for…

women who want the right love, and are struggling to attract and create long-term respectful and loving relationships. If this is you. I show you how you can set yourself up for the right love, to avoid yet another minimising relationship.

My platform and work exists to affirm the necessity of being intentional in love and being committed to reconstructing our relationship to relationships. It’s to stoke a fire in women to come awake in their power of choice and ownership in the creation of their relationship destiny.

I’m innately insightful and I use this to mentor you into the right love. It’s part expanding mind-set, part habit awareness, part universal wisdom, part emotional acuity, part inspirational, part somatic and ultimately transformational.

It’s about you reconstructing love and relationships your way and it starts with getting uncomfortable with the acceptance of emotional bleeding in the name of what we misguidedly think is love.

We’ve been conditioned to accept this emotional suffering as normal. We need to stop this!

I tell you more about what I believe and why I’m here in the video below.



Unlearning the kind of damage I talk about in this video is a deeply personal journey that I would be happy to help you with, when you are ready.  

For now I want to help you prime your mind for the #rightlovesetup mindset, because #datingsmartmatters. We are what we think and and I know you want to be the kind of woman who attracts the right love and co-creates a successful relationship.  This is why I created this FREE guide for you.

The Right Love Mindset Primer Guide with The 18 Core Beliefs Practiced By Smart Women Who Attract The Right Love  And Co-Create Happy Fulfilling Relationships + journalling exercises.


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