Forget about the tips (non sustainable) , tricks (manipulative), 5 steps to make every man want you (seriously?) , ‘hacking’ your way into real love (that doesn’t make sense), vision boarding your way to love (hmm deep sigh).



Will 2019 finally be the year you get it right in love?

Online Event: 2 day workshop.

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Learn how some women easily attract the right love and co create loving relationships.

It’s time to….

  • Reclaim The Narrative: Explore Your Relationship Story To Reveal The Barriers To Your Right Love Set Up 
  • Discover your biggest relationship challenge and how to overcome it. 
  • Reclaim and step into your power: What you really need to know about language, not having boundaries and negativity + How it impacts your chances of attracting the right love and creating your ideal relationship.
  • Understand why you could be attracted to each other but it’s not working and what to do about it. 
  • Establish Your Values And Reclaim Self Love and Liberation Through Pleasure Practice So That When The Right Love Comes, you recognise it. (…and you don’t create tension,  drama and strife to protect yourself against love)
  • Includes hot seat coaching and bonus self learning workbook – 13 Fearless Disciplines Of Smart Women Who Attract The Right Love And Create Happy Fulfilling Relationship
Are you at that point where you feel like you sent the Universe or God your order for the ideal man but you keep getting an order received confirmation saying …Sorry that male specification is no longer in production?

You are not alone, and yes smart women just like you feel like this and say this too…..

  1. ‘I am ready to give up on love’
  2. ‘In my younger days I had guys falling over themselves to date me, now no one is remotely interested in me’
  3. ‘I’m tired of dating stupid, childish, selfish men.’
  4. ‘Every time I let my guard down, I get hurt. I’m never letting anyone in. But I don’t want to continue feeling like I can’t trust men’
  5. ‘I’m so lonely, I need love’
  6. ‘I gave him everything but he still broke up with me’
  7. ‘If I have to be a bridesmaid or go to one more wedding, I’m going to (insert appropriate word for level of being done with other people’s weddings here)
  8. ‘What’s wrong with me?’
  9. ‘I just want someone to love and be loved’

Getting stuck in the wrong relationships and dating the same guy with a different face happens to smart women too, not just those ‘other’ women. There are women who are beautiful people inside and out. Great friends, rockstars in  their careers, super hero mothers, kickass in their business, useful in their community.

Women who feel like they’ve just figured out their work life balance and now want love too. Women who are just phenomenal but the men they attract never see how great they are or they just seem invisible and no one seems interested in them. 


Hi, I’m Moira, affectionately known by my clients as the Right Love Mentor. I work with women who are struggling to attract and create a long term loving relationship.

I show you how you can set yourself up for the right love get ready for a relationship you’ll love. 

I did that 17 years ago, and have been happily loved up and married in my ideal relationship, for 16 years. I know you are looking at my picture and thinking……16 years of marriage?!….. Moira was that picture taken 10 years ago?

No that was taken 3 months ago. You see one of the benefits of being married to the right love is that I have no bitterness and relationship stress to prematurely age me. See how I set myself up for emotional well being too?

But I wasn’t always the Dating and Relationships Sage. I remember what it was like to struggle to be appreciated in a relationship for 4 years. Frustrated and desperately hoping that he would finally see that I’m all in and change just for me. Holding on to a dead end relationship believing that I could change him. Putting up with, tolerating, and bleeding emotionally scared to let go because I thought he was the one, so I was going to make it work. 

No matter how much I held on, prayed, hoped, and ‘acted like wife material’ the heartache and loneliness despite being in a relationship never left – because I was settling, I had compromised. Thankfully I found the courage to walk away from this entanglement. In this relationship and the few that followed, my approach to love was from a place of wounding, with values borrowed from generations of women who endured pain for ‘love’ and believed that ‘that’s just what men do’ and here’s a tip – you can’t attract the right love like this. From this headspace you can not see your real worth and you’ll treat your heart like a play ground for unavailable men, and men 

If you want to attract and create a loving respectful relationship, you have to make some changes to these three areas:

1. You must absolutely change your approach to love and relationships.

2. You must become acutely aware of your relationship barriers (what they are, how to find them and know how they are affecting your love life)

3. You need a guiding template that allows you to always choose YOU on purpose.

Are you ready to set yourself up for the right love and finally tear down the barriers holding you back from love and your ideal relationship? Join my Prepare To Love And Be Loved Live Weekend Workshop and together we’ll transform your approach to love so you can set yourself up for the right love for 2019. 

QUESTION: Why do some women seem to easily attract the right love and create the most loving relationships whilst everyone else struggles to find love and someone who will lovingly commit to them?


  • Every one has bought into the idea that relationships happen naturally
  • they don’t know what a successful relationship looks like
  • they are in love with the idea of love but don’t know how to give or receive love
  • there’s so much ‘advice’ out there it’s overwhelming and confusing

So if my approach is so transformational how come no body talks about or teaches on love and relationships like this? 

The short answer is it doesn’t sell.

The vast majority of people are looking for tactics, tips, and tricks, you know like 5 ways to make him want you, 7 tips to make him commit, how to get him hooked on you ….. do you see the trap in these? Don’t worry if you don’t all will be revealed in the workshop. 

In the workshop you’ll meet a small group of people you are done with tactics, tips and tricks. They know the one thing all women in who’ve found love have in common is their self mastery.

They finally realised that these tips, tricks, manipulative advice and wishy washy hope won’t help get to them from where they are to where they want to be. In love in a beautiful, loving committed and respectful relationship. 

They are sick and tired of:

  • Repeating the same love and dating challenges year after year after year.
  • Having trouble communicating their needs.
  • Having no one attracted them.
  • Complaining about men, and relationships over, and over and over again.
  • Starting each year saying this year I’ll find my love, it will be different but ending the year the same as previous years, alone and frustrated, desperately hoping that the next year will be different but with no commitment to real inner work to make it different.  

The Prepare To Love And Be Loved Weekend Workshop changes everything – it let’s you approach love and dating completely different. It allows you to go beyond just seeing things differently…

…you’ll discover that you can use what you learn in the workshop to show up for life and love fully in your power so you stop hiding and compromising so you can be seen by the right love for you.  

  • You’ll become mentally and emotional free
  • You’ll be confident enough to communicate your desires in your relationships.
  • You’ll be able to commit to choices that allow you to feel loved, beautiful, supported and desired.
  • You’ll learn how to say no and walk away from anything and anyone who wants to make you compromise your worth.
  • You’ll finally stop hiding from love.

Women who seem to find love easily do it. Now you can too.

Introducing the Prepare To Love And Be Loved Virtual Weekend Workshop

Set yourself up for the right love so you never again waste time and emotional investment in yet another dead end relationship or a relationship that minimises you.

SET YOURSELF UP for the right love

  • Know without a doubt that you are worth the love you desire

RECONNECT with your intuition

  • Reconnect with your guiding awareness and allow it to stir in the direction of real love

EXPERIENCE joy in meeting new people 

  • Go out and date relaxed knowing that whatever the outcome you will get what you need for that date

EMBODY a world of possibility  

  • Be excited at the real possibility that your right love could be just around the corner

The Prepare To Love And Be Loved Workshop is a virtual workshop that you can experience in the comfort of your own home, giving you the tools you need to finally dismantle the barriers that have been holding you back from the love you want. 

Here’s what you can expect.

Saturday  10:30 am – 12:00  (duration 90 minutes)


Reclaiming The Narrative: Exploring Your Relationship Story To Reveal The Barriers To Your Right Love Set Up 

In this session you will

  • Finally understand why it feels like you’ve been on hold when it comes to your love life.
  • Discover the barriers that have been holding you back from love and how to dismantle them.
  • Understanding why being attracted to each other  is not enough.
  • Learn the transformation Right Love Set Up Approach in dating – it’s intuitive and liberatory allowing you to stand in your power. 

***BREAK 12:00 – 13:00  (duration 30 minutes)***


13:00 – 14:30  (duration 90 minutes) 

What’s your biggest relationship challenge? Hot Seat Coaching Session

Learn as I coach.

In this session 

  • I invite 4 people for an on the spot live coaching experience with me your Right Love Mentor.
  • This session will give you an insight into why perspective matters when you are looking at what you believe are the issues in your love life.
  • You’ll finally understand the mindset difference between women who attract the right love and create an amazing relationship and those who’ve been stuck with the same issue for years.
  • Listen for insight and this session will help you dismantle subtle habits and perspectives that you didn’t even know you have, but they’ve been holding you back from love. 

 10:30 am – 12:00  (duration 90 minutes)


Reclaim and step into your power: What you really need to know about language, not having boundaries and negativity + How it impacts your chances of attracting the right love and creating your ideal relationship.

In this session you’ll

  • Learn how to guarantee success in your dating
  • Learn why women who are in love and in happy relationships  don’t even consider the possibility of their partner cheating on them.
  • The importance of allowing yourself to keep growing and changing in your journey to finding love. (even when family, friends, teachers and partners pressure you to stay the same) 

BREAK 12:00 – 13:00  (duration 30 minutes) 


13:00 – 15:30 (duration 150 minutes) 

Establish Your Values And Reclaim Self Love and Liberation Through Pleasure Practice So That When The Right Love Comes, you know it’s right because and they compliment you because they mirror loving and pleasuring you. 

In this session you’ll 

  • Discover your right love set up values and use these values to define your ideal relationship and intensify your magnetism to the right love for you.
  • Understand why it’s important to cultivate self love and pleasure.
  • Experience a powerful guided meditation and visualisation that allows you to see what your ideal relationship looks and feels like
  • Explore practical ways to explore and experience self love and pleasure.
  • Commit to a self love and pleasure practice plan (share in pet fb community)
  • Feel confident, inspired and excited about the journey ahead. 

Bonus – The essential Self Learning Workbook for mindset mastery

13 Fearless Disciplines Of Smart Women Who Attract The Right Love And Create Happy Fulfilling Relationships 

+ Access to a new Facebook community where you can nurture and support each other on your right love journey. 

This is for you if …..

  • You are now focussed on the long term and you understand you have to be intentional about the right love it’s not luck and it’s not about fate.
  • You are willing to admit that the way you acted in the past hasn’t helped you and some things need to change if you want to attract the right love. 
  • You’ve tried all the ‘top tips’ , ‘secrets’ and bit size advice and they haven’t worked.
  • You want to stop approaching love expecting it to happen naturally because that too  isn’t working.
  • You’ve gotten as far as you can on your own and you know you need help.

Some people choose to remain stuck and ‘hope’ for the best others choose to Get Ready To Love And Be Loved.

Major red flag

How many people do you know who let opportunity after opportunity pass them by …..even though they claim they want better?

Years past and they remain in the same minimising and destructive loop 5, 6, 7 and 10 years + later.

How about you 5, 6, 7 and 10 years + from now? What if you did nothing different today?

The beauty in all of this is that you always have a choice. 

Don’t be that woman who spend years dreaming and stressing over her love life then looks back 5, 6,7 and 10 years still dreaming and stressing, at the back f her mind  knowing that she had an opportunity to do something about this.