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'I'm in a new relationship now. I have so much clarity'

Working with Moira, I’ve learned to be honest with myself. I can walk through my emotions now and be aware of how I show up knowing I’m ok, I’m enough, I’m human. I’m in a new relationship now. I have so much clarity, I’m connected to myself and it feels so good. It’s relaxing, it’s open, it’s me. – Lexi

'there was a beautiful amazing energy in the room '

Dear Moira, Just to say thank you for a wonderful and very enlightening session today. There was a beautiful and amazing energy in the room, very sincere and authentic sharing and I felt very fortunate to be there. It really resonated with things that I’ve recently been thinking about, learning and exploring so I was very glad to have come.thank you also for your personal openness and sharing 🙂 – Rukh

'illuminating and inspiring'

Illuminating and inspiring! Thank you Moira I had a wonderful time. My mindset shift starts now. You are right, I’ll never come to relationships the same. – Mette

'thank you for the opportunity to be immersed in that energy'

Wow Moira! What a way to spend my Saturday morning? Thank you for the opportunity to immersed in that energy. – Selina

'it felt so natural to go deeper and work with Moira'

I was a little worried that the workshop would get too woo-woo. When Moira started to speak her honesty and pragmatic approach made me feel so connected and safe. It felt so natural to go deeper and work with Moira a few weeks later. Now 8 months later I’m so thankful, I’m in a relationship that feels like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. In Moira’s words ‘it feels like home’. – Kate

'Moira worked her magic....she unlocked something in me'

I’ve been through some really painful love. I came to Moira feeling wounded and lost. Moira worked her magic. Her empathy is grounding and her compassion and honesty makes her delivery healing. Of-course she keeps telling me I did the work, which is true, but I also know that she unlocked something in me. – Petra

'Moira creates a transformative space'

Moira creates a transformative space for you to acknowledge, cry, release, and remember who you are, and just how much choice you have. I would recommend her 100%. – Davina

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 All  I  ask  I  that  you  trust  your  journey  and  trust  your  ability  to make  the  next  right  choice.