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What’s it all about?

If you have a desire to experience dating, love and relationships in a way that allows you to stay connected to who you truly are, no apologies and no minimising yourself but embodying the phenomenal woman you are, and walking in your feminine sovereignty, you’re in the right place.

In this podcast we’ll explore what it means to make decisions and choices from your heart, so you can reconstruct love and relationships your way, and set yourself up for the right love, so you never again waste time and emotional investment in yet another dead end relationship or a relationship that minimises you.

Learn how you can attract and create a thriving, fulfilling and loving relationship on your terms.  Join the creator of the Right Love Set Up Approach and Right Love Mentor and Coach, Moira Chigariro (that’s me!) on a mission to help women redefine the way we approach love and relationships, so we can model love , respect and equality in relationships for generations to come.

Listen to inspiring conversations on Stepping into your power, Why where you are coming from matters, Moving on and Setting Yourself Up for the right love and The Right Love Triage. The first 8 episodes are Emotional Bleeding Monologues a soul cry inspired by my deep why and the foundation of why I’m here.

In this show, we’ll cover: mindset, personal growth, spirituality, tradition, culture, values and habits.

Show Notes – Transcript

Welcome to MoirasConfab, I’m Moira Chigariro and this is a podcast for women, where we delve into the critical necessity of being conscious in our approach, in the search for love, in dating and creating a nourishing relationship. You can find out more about me and my platform on 

On this podcast, I encourage you to slow down, dig deep, self interrogate, self reflect, and see how you’ve been socialised into deception points, which have  possibly made you emotionally infantile in your approach to love, and has kept you stuck. The purpose of self discovery is to awaken our inner knowing and reconstruct our approach to love and direct our own relationship destinies. 

The first 8 sessions where inspired by what I call my soul cry. These sessions are the foundation to my deep why and what breaks my heart. when I started writing it was never meant to be a podcast. It was meant to be an inspiration piece for single women and those in complicated relationships. As I started writing the piece began to write it’s self. It took me through I journey that I didn’t know I need to go on. It drained me emotionally, it opened up wounds that I didn’t even know where there and it was deeply, nourishingly cathartic,  a medicine I didn’t know I needed, the process was ultimately healing. 

When I finished and looked read it back I asked it what it was and without hesitation I wrote down. An Emotional Bleeding Monologue: Attacked By Weapons Of Patriarchy and that’s the title of the 1st 8 sessions. Each session addresses an emotional bleeding area that I ‘ve either witnessed, experienced, or heard about. Session 5 is especially poignant because it’s very personal and it took me by surprise and what I’ve learnt to to do in my work is to always trust the process.  

All 8 are special and I feel deeply honoured to bring these into the world as far as I know nothing like this has ever been done before, so it feels scary, vulnerable and exciting. My prayer is that you will feel what came through for me and let it be inspiration, insight and medicine to your soul. 

After these Emotional Bleeding Monologues I’ll get into episodes that  

affirm the necessity of being intentional in love and being committed to reconstructing our relationship to relationships.

My platform exists to stoke a fire in women to come awake in their power of choice and ownership in the creation of their relationship destiny.

I’m innately insightful and I use this to mentor you into the right love. It’s part expanding mind-set, part habit awareness, part universal wisdom, part emotional acuity, part inspirational, part somatic and ultimately transformational.

It’s about you reconstructing love and relationships your way.

Welcome to MoirasConfab. 

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