Session 7: An Emotional Bleeding Monologue: Attacked By Weapons Of Patriarchy

Speaks to African women’s power stolen by male privilege and bleeding emotionally. No more, no more, no more.


In this session:

I give myself permission to speak about those things that the women I grew up with carried in their hearts and kept under the roof.  A familiar pain I see today amongst women who carry their different stories in their hearts. 

They just keep the pain in a different place now. Behind the veneer of their smiles, blurred by just the right filter and temporarily erased by just the right angle, or photo shopped selfie.

It’s dedicated to:

the strong African women whose power was stolen by male privilege. I’m free to share their stories and it’s not lost on me that what most of the women like them want is to be free from these stories.  

This is going to be awkward, this is going to make you angry, this is going to be exposing, this is going to be heartbreaking. Whatever you feel, these stories need to be heard. 

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Part 2

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At the end of this session I talk about Tererai Trent and how I resonate with her story because listening to her sounds like home. I also talk abbey how you can support her vision  and work. Learn more about Dr Tererai Trent, her foundation and the sixth dream vision here.

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