Personalised   Right   Love   Affirmation   Confirmations

‘I AM’ affirmations + subliminals  don’t work for most people and here’s why:

There’s an in-congruency with what you are saying you are (I AM) and how you are feeling, so you struggle to align the two. 

For example if you are listening to affirms structured like this… 

‘I AM attracting my ideal relationship’ 

...yet the reality is that you are feeling broken, frustrated and alone, you can hear and say I AM affirmations over and over until you pass out but it won’t bring you any closer to creating the desire and emotional (feeling) congruency you need.

This in-congruency is what the Personalised Affirmation Confirmations fix. 

If you are feeling like it’s taking too long and getting frustrated with your love life and you want to attract the right love to create the ideal relationship these Personalised Affirmation Confirmations help you create the relationship success mindset. 

I record a personalised love and relationship success affirmation audio using your name so you can hear yourself as a projection of your desired state in the 3rd person. The more you hear your name associated with the reality of what you want to create the more your subconscious pays attention to magnetise a powerful paradigm of alignment and manifestation.

How   It   Works

This form of affirmation subliminally attaches who you are becoming to your identity each time you hear your name.  When you want something but the circumstances or your situation makes it look impossible, it’s difficult to ‘think or visualise’ yourself in the new desired state this is what I AM affirmations try and force you to do and that’s why it doesn’t work for most people.  

✔︎ With the Personalised Affirmation Confirmations ‘I AM’ is replaced by your name.

✔︎ Visually it allows you to project a vision of yourself in the 3rd person being and having what you desire.

✔︎ Mentally it allows you think of yourself as being and having this desired state in the future because you are not opposing yourself by trying to impose a mental state declaring I AM when your mind is saying no look around you we are not that.

✔︎ Hearing your name attached to the desired state is like affirming someone else, so although you may not see it for yourself now, you can see it for yourself in the future and this, you can believe in. 

✔︎ Believing in this means that you can emotionally connect to what’s possible for you taking away the imposter syndrome created by ‘I AM’ replacing it with a real sense of THIS IS WHAT’S POSSIBLE FOR ME AND I CAN BE THAT. Anytime we feel ….this is what’s possible for me, I can be that… it feels good and feeling good about it makes us receptive to the idea that this can be my reality.

✔︎ This is what creates a quicker more aligned mindset to help you with your manifestation -  attracting the right love. 

These personalised Affirmation Confirmations  are a powerful way to detach from the present limitation and project an image of the person you want to become. Your subconscious begins to reprogram your receptivity to allow an alignment of the confirmations it hears associated with your name as a way of being.

You’ll receive an audio recording with 22 Right Love relationship success affirmation confirmations in your name, looped for 30 minutes with ambient calm music in the back ground.

Listen at least once daily as you take a walk, on your errands, doing something around the house, during your cool down at the gym, as part of your daily meditation or at bedtime as you relax into your slumber. 

If words can hurt us, they can heal us too. 

Ready for a quicker more aligned mindset to attract the right love?

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 All  I  ask  is  that  you  trust  your   journey  and  trust  your  ability  to   make  the  next  right  choice