The  Letting  Go  Meditation  and  Mini  Journaling  Companion

Overcoming a break up to rebuild confidence and increase self love is a challenge when all you can see and feel is what’s right here, right now.

I created this Letting Go Visualisation Meditation (a downloadable audio) to help you process your feelings beyond the present to create lasting emotional freedom and a healthy relationship with yourself.

Using this visualisation meditation will help you 

✔︎ let go of the idea of the one that got away

✔︎ let go of the idea that something is wrong with you

✔︎ let go of the sense of helplessness

✔︎ heal your broken heart

✔︎ reconnect with yourself 

✔︎ learn to prioritise yourself 

✔︎ forgive yourself 

✔︎ detach from emotional chords 

✔︎ set yourself free to find joy and love again.

The accompanying Self Learning And Moving Forward Writing Prompts mini-course is a downloadable PDF purposefully structured to remind you that before we learn how to identify the right love, we need to

  • heal our hearts,
  • tend to our wounds,
  • get intimate with our stories,
  • nurture the younger versions of ourselves and nourish our present self to support our future self so she can flourish and  be free to receive and give healthy love.

✔︎ You’ll get prompts to set your intention for the Letting Go visualisation mediation 

✔︎ You’ll journal through 6 powerfully revealing questions for your self learning journey. 

✔︎ I’ll guide you into an Expectations vs Agreements exercise  so you can hold yourself accountable for where things went out of hand and where you can be better and do better for yourself. 

✔︎ From here you can create a healthier relationship foundation for future relationships with…

✔︎ 5 prompts that will help you create your healthy vision for future relationships. 

 All  I  ask  is  that  you  trust  your  journey  and  trust  your  ability  to  make  the  next  right  choice.