Far too many women are setting standards and values borrowed from someone else’s idea of what they want and need, then wondering why it’s not working for them.

What if I told you that, that’s where you're making the foundational mistake?

Relationship standards and values are unique to your journey and life experience.

If you’ve been setting standards and holding onto values that still have you questioning  your worth and what that even means, then you’re in the right place. 

In this workshop you’re going to...

  • Uncover why your values need to be guided by your journey to make you unapologetic about what you personally want and need.
  • This alone will finally help you control the narrative  and you’ll never again settle for crumbs.
  • You’ll learn how I used this process to walk away from a 4 year relationship, begin my healing, established my own values, didn’t compromise them and met my husband within 6 months.

**I didn’t even know that I had used this framework until I retraced my steps to break it down for you.

You'll also learn ...

  • How you are actually ruining your love life and potentially your life by using the cookie cutter approach to making up values and setting standards.
  • The simple framework on how to establish your values so you never again waste time and emotional investment in a dead end relationship.
  • The reason why you’ll never doubt yourself again or worry that you’ve ‘missed’ an opportunity.
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