The Right Love And Emotional Freedom Journey Workshop

The ultimate journey to help you live a life of fulfilment, set yourself up for the right love and never again waste time and emotional investment in dead end relationships.

Hey Sis!

If you would like to finally feel confident in your dating journey and relationships but lack the certainty of knowing whether or not someone is compatible with you but you might be too scared to let them go and miss out then ….

What you are about to read might be the life and game changer you’ve been looking for. 

    The secret  to...

    dating with emotional freedom, owning your story, processing your trauma and intentionally dating for the right love, peace, purpose and growth is here.

    Everything you’ve ever needed to date with emotional freedom and actually establish values and standards that center your mental, emotional, financial, spiritual and physical needs is inside my brand new Right Love And Emotional Freedom Journey Workshop

    You’ll never doubt yourself again or worry that you’ve ‘missed’ an opportunity.

    You'll get 10 modules of  my best insights and guidance from my dating mistakes, 18 years of being married to the right love and years of experience working with clients one-on-one, for an insane value of 73% off the retail value.

    The Right Love And Emotional Freedom Journey Workshop will normally sell for £147 but if join the waitlist today you’ll get access to the workshop for just £97 when it goes live and you'll be the first to know when the  pre-order option is available.

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