Where I’m coming from with all its drama, trauma and lessons is what sets me apart from the rest. I grew up in an environment where polygamy was normalised, women married for security and social status and they were men’s property. All this lead me to choose something different to redefine and recreate love and relationships for myself.

Deciding to break the cycle helped me reconstruct the foundation for the woman I am today and to experience the joy in the love and relationship I’ve had for 18 years and counting.

I know where you are coming from matters because your primary environment is supposed to teach you how to love. But in most cases, our primary environment teaches us to attach from a broken and hurt place calling it love. So we recreate brokenness and hurt.

The Journey

The journey involves reconstructing your thinking, your values, a commitment to self-correcting and learning how to create and accept healthy love.

I’m frequently asked what my right love journey actually looked like. It starts from the age of 4 witnessing a traumatic encounter in a setting that should have represented love between 2 people, and throughout my formative years, I was surrounded by the evidence of normalising Patriarchal harm on women and children.  I go into detail about this in my Masterclass.

When I started dating  I went from recreating harmful patterns, to being in a relationship with someone I thought was as we all too often say ‘the one’ believing that it was my job to change him and ‘God’s will’ that I married this guy (deep sigh, eye roll and smh) only to wake up to the fact that I was in a relationship for  sake of being in a relationship for 4 years. I went on to  meet the guy who worshipped the ground I walked on but I wasn’t attracted to him he wasn’t right for me, followed by being with someone who appeared to be Mr Right but turned out to be accomplished in narcissism and gaslighting. I self-learned and self-corrected my way through walking away from hopeless and disappointing men until I met the right love. Today what’s standard for me (a man I love, a relationship I adore, happy and peaceful)  looks extraordinary to people who can’t fathom that this is a reality and possible for them too. 

My personal experience is that my husband and I are the ‘unicorn’ relationship in our families and circles. I share that not to brag but to shine a light on the fact that there’s clearly a problem that needs addressing. Over the past 4 years, I’ve steadily built on my experience and acute awareness and created MoirasConfab to address the problem and assist other women in successfully taking responsibility for their dating journey and healing, to break the generational cycle and attract and create their version of the right love.  

What I Love and Why I Do This 

I love helping women see and feel their worth. I love seeing women thriving because they refuse to settle for less or compromise on the quality of love they deserve. I love being part of the erasure of fantasy and patriarchal teachings on love and relationships. I love stoking of the fire of critical thinking and seeing her get her insight, working through her breakthrough and creating a transformation in her dating journey.

Sometimes she realises that being partnered was something she was taught to want but she doesn’t want that and goes on to live her best life singly on her terms with no regrets.

I love seeing women wake up to the reality that being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship is life-altering for all the wrong reasons. It creates more harm and in many cases depression, victimhood and martyrdom. The people who are always at the receiving end of this harm and emotional trauma are the women and children. This needs to stop, we need to interrupt the pattern and break the cycle. This is why I do this. 

Seeing The  Blueprint  and  Choosing  Something  Different

If you mapped out where my husband and I are coming from (families) you'll see that it would have been easier for us to recreate brokenness, drama and trauma in our relationship but we individually refused to make room for that cycle to continue. We individually refused to pick up that baton and run the same male dominance and female emotional bleeding race that has been running in our families generationally. We’ve chosen to reconstruct love our way. 

Who I Work With and Why

I speak and work with women because somewhere in our individual journey’s whether I’m speaking with a woman from Zimbabwe where I come from, or working with a woman in the United Kingdom where I live ….. despite the cultural differences there seems to be one memo that women receive universally.

This memo has different iterations of the same message that ‘in order for you to experience love you have to be minimised, accept male dominance physically, emotionally, spiritually or all three and erase who you are to fit into his world. 

Co-signing this memo is what leads to survival-based relationships and the unfulfilling lives most women live. Leading pretentious, depressing lives and in other cases either being a victim or a martyr and in all cases believing that that’s just what relationships are like.

To this I say No, relationships are like this only if you are recreating survival-based relationships.

When you create a thriving relationship, then relationships are a place to cultivate accountability, honesty, healing, respect, love, faithfulness, happiness, autonomy, fun, security, peace, celebrating individual evolution and revelling in joint evolution and daily growth.


This is what I experience, this is what I know and the knowledge and acute awareness I’ve gained along the way is priceless. Sharing my lessons, thoughts, insights, experience and musings, one social media post at a time, one article and one podcast at a time, my goal is to stock that inner knowing that says no more, no more, no more to investing in disappointing relationships. 

I intend to help you transform your relationship approach, to educate and inspire one workshop, course, talk, or one on one session at a time,  so you can create your version of the right love and build an awesome thriving life and relationship breaking the painful cycle for future generations.

I would love to share more of what I know with you. Wondering where to start?

Official  Bio

Moira Chigariro is the first and only Right Love Coach. Her unique focus is redirecting single women’s attention from just trying to find a man to identifying the right love. She is committed to helping ambitious women who feel hopelessly disappointed by the men they meet to navigate and resist the sense of panic that leads some to settle for the next guy because ‘he’ll do.’ 

Whether she is speaking to Zimbabwean singles her country of birth and where she was raised, or working with women around the world and in the United Kingdom where she lives, she knows the true human impact of that internal universally dispiriting memo that love must be endured. She’s here to teach, support and encourage you to consistently choose yourself on your journey to meeting the right love. Who you choose to allow into your heart is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make. 

Moira’s work reminds women that who you marry can either support and expand your life’s purpose or minimise and kill it. Her signature coaching and courses include The Right Love Approach™️ Masterclass, The Right Love Set Up Power Dynamic™️ where she shows you the necessity of taking your power back and The Right Love Intelligence™️ Framework, where she gives you a clear understanding and the tools you need to date smart and create your relationships from a space of emotional intelligence, critical thinking and  informed decisions, not the fantasy of hoping and praying for the best.

For 18 years and counting, Moira and her husband have been happily married and growing together. Their marriage is a mirror of love and mutual respect. Together they believe, history, the present and the future are all made and created on the foundation of 3 kinds of stories. The stories we are told, the stories we believe, and the stories we change. Through her work Moira’s soul purpose is to help women set themselves up for the love they deserve through the stories they change. This is how we stop recycling trauma for future generations.

All I ask is that you trust your journey and trust your ability to make the next right choice.