The Number 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Get Lost In People’s Opinions And Expectations and Instead Tune Into How You Want To Feel.


Sometimes when I’m not coaching or writing, when I’m not on a call with friends and family, this is me on a cold wet afternoon in London. In my loungewear, makeup-free on a cold wet afternoon at home, I’m me too. In both looks, I feel good, but the world has a way of making us feel like we are either doing too much with our looks or not enough. Also, don’t take time for yourself because what will happen to all those people that you are everything to? Apparently they all need you.

Lost in expectations and opinions of how we ‘should’ look, we forget how we want to feel. 

Lost in being all things to everyone, we forget how to be one thing to ourself. True.

Being true to yourself is different for everyone.

When I’m writing and coaching I’m being true to my purpose.

When I’m there for my friends and family I’m being true to my need for connection and belonging.

When I’m tidying up, I’m being true to my need for cleanliness and order, it gives me peace.

When I strike a pose and look like this I’m being true to the fact that when I want to be, I’m hot.🔥 No fake humility here.

Being true to ourselves also about the opportunities you have and don’t have. Your world view and your beliefs.

This world view and these beliefs direct our perception of how we ‘ought’ to look and what we can be to everyone to the point of forgetting that it’s ok to just feel good. We forget to affirm and replenish ourselves. We get weird about allowing others to pour into us. We get weird about others affirming us.

Yet we’re ok talking about how she’s showing too much this, that and the other. Ok with saying how she wears too much makeup. Ok telling other women who show up looking like they’ve put a real effort in their appearance, that they are setting us up for unachievable standards.🙄

But wait, why does her image confidence trigger you?

We can be true to ourselves and not judge or bring other women down. In my experience when people are inauthentic they are triggered by others being true to themselves.

Be the kind of woman who refuses to play respectability politics that bring other women down. There’s enough room for everyone to feel good.

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