3 Essential Things Smart Single Women Need To Know To Attract The Right Love


Every time I connect with a single independent women who wants the right love and is struggling to attract and create long-term loving relationships, I tell her that it’s my job to show her how she can set herself up for the right love so she can avoid yet another dead-end relationship and emotionally free herself to attract and build a thriving relationship her way.

This is often met with;

‘Oh wow, that sounds amazing Moira, but how do I even do that, how do I start?’

To answer this question for every one who comes into contact with my work, I decided to take part of the module and slides from one of my foundational workshops and make it into a quick video.

You can watch it above or just read it below.

So here are the 3 essential things every single woman needs to know, to set herself up for the right love.

Who is this for?

If you’re satisfied with relationships as normal,
If you’re content with fate doing its thing.
Okay with relationships being hard work.
Good with drama and trauma in love.
Fine with wherever the wind takes you in your next relationship.
Or resigned to the idea that you have zero influence in what happens in your love life….

Then this is not for you.

But if you’re becoming frustrated about being single.
If you’re in a relationship that is complicated.
In a revolving door of relational issues.
Constantly asking why am I still single?

If you’re the woman who knows she deserves better but don’t know how it’s possible….

Then this is for you.

One simple idea. One distinction

What if everything you’ve been told about attracting real love is flawed?

What if you didn’t have to keep waiting to be chosen what if you could come to
love and relationships with a different approach? One simple idea one distinction it’s the right love set up approach. This allows you to set yourself up for the right love and never again waste time and emotional investment in yet another dead-end relationship.

Yes it’s possible and this is how you start.

1. Mindfulness

Get into the habit of aware of how you’re showing up and how you’re receiving other people. What people say to you not what you want them to say to you or what you think they’re saying, you can hear them but are you listening?

They are showing you who they are but do you believe them?

You see it’s in the little things, like Maya Angelou said,

‘When someone shows you who they are believe them, the first time.’

Notice and honor your feelings they are valid.
Don’t suppress your emotions.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being emotional.
We are made to feel.
It’s called being human.

Your power is in how you express yourself.
When you express yourself and what you allow.

2. Intention

What kind of relationship do you really want?
Your intention determines what you’re committed to.
What you’re committed to determines what you create.

You create your relationship reality if you don’t like what you’re experiencing revisit your intention and create a new commitment.

The importance of intention is that it influences your choices.

3. Choice

There is always the possibility of something different.
You get to choose.
You always have a choice.
The moment you think you don’t have a choice you disempower yourself.

Self respect and compassion goes a long way don’t complicate it.
It’s complicated should never be an option and it’s up to you to not choose it.

Just because everyone else is experiencing relationship issues drama and complications all the time doesn’t mean you have to.
If this is happening frequently or consistently it’s dysfunctional we’ve got to stop normalising this.

You always have a choice relationships as usual aka frustratedly single or in a relationship with issues or setting yourself up for the right love.

Joy, fulfilment, emotional intimacy, growth, harmony most of the time, support and partnership that’s the right love, and you can start now from where you are with just the little more…

mindfulness + intention and choice

Now if you’re happily single fantastic that’s an awesome space to embody.

However if you’re frustrated with being single or want to say no more no more no more to relational issues then know this:

You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.

Let’s start the conversation

I’m inviting you to reconstruct love and relationships your way so that you never again waste time and emotional investment it needs another dead-end relationship.

Are you in?

If you’re a hell yes then sign up for the free 4 part foundational order training that will help you set yourself up for the right love so you never again waste time and emotional investment in yet another dead-end relationship.

Get it below.

I’m so excited and I can’t wait to start this conversation with you.

Stay in your sovereignty because you deserve the right love setup, that only you can create and together we can break the cycle and model love, equality and respect for women generationally.

Share this with your friends. Let them know the 3 essential things they need to attract the right love.

Always love and blessings,


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