What’s Your Role In Life And Love?

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Have you ever considered that life is a series of events?
Plots and twist that make our story.
Story developing the characters.


Each character’s depth and reach (influence) established in the choices and decisions made. Sometimes we are affected by other character’s choices and decisions.
What’s that phrase we say? ‘Ah that’s life.’

… is it though?

Reaction and response

The depth and reach of the individual character is exposed in reaction or response. The reaction or response reveals if the person is an extra (background artist), in a support role, playing the lead or the director.

The roles you are playing

As the director, you bring the vision to life and manage the story line and characters from the vantage point of knowing where you want the story to go.

Yes, producers, screen writers et al are of significance but for the purpose of this we’ll focus on these 4.

Moment by moment a series of events will invite us to choose who we want to show up as. The extra, the support, the lead or the director.

The person who shows discernment in choosing the most appropriate role within the plots and twists and manages the dance within all 4 gets to fully appreciate what they bring to any moment.
I believe what we bring to life is demonstrated in how we show up.

Life, business or love how are you showing up?

How you are showing up?

The extra , support, lead or director you get to choose.

If you are in the ‘free world’ and are mostly unsatisfied in life, business, or love, it’s possible you’ve spent too long playing the background artist and the support.

What’s your main frustration right now? Are you taking responsibility for the angst or are you blaming others?

If you allow them, there are people queueing up to play the lead in your life.

If you let them, there are people eagerly waiting to direct your life.

What would it look like if you co starred in your love life?

What would it look like if you co directed your love life?

Now what’s in the way of developing your character, responsibility, vision and intuition so you can direct and lead in your life, so that when the time comes you can co star in a beautiful love story?

The choices you make in how you show up, set you up for the #RightLoveSetup

Always love and blessings,

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