Who you marry is the single most important career decision you make.

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It can’t be about just being coupled.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg  told women, “Who you marry is the single most important career decision you make.” and I agree.

In my experience, real consideration about how the person you date or marry supports your career is often neglected.

Societal conditioning, and well….doing things the way they have always been done, has meant very few women come to relationships intentionally curious about how this person could either expand or minimise who they are.

It seems most women go into relationships with the mindset of wanting to be chosen, wanting to be liked, just wanting to be coupled instead of the self inquiry of,  ‘is this working for me?’   After months or years of the effort filled wanting to be liked, she finally notices that she’s unhappy, she’s frustrated.

Ignoring the red flags

She feels unappreciated and disrespected. Except this isn’t new, it’s been happening all along. The red flags where there, she just chose not to see them because….. ‘gotta get the man’.

Maya Angelou told us “When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time”.

It’s mostly when we choose not to believe them that we have secret tears, bleed emotionally, resentment builds and we become bitter.

She slowly plays a part in minimising herself and she doesn’t see it, and then, she shuts down.

Diminished self worth

Her sense of  self diminished. Questioning her dreams and ambition to the point of giving up and still she stays in the relationship. Why?

Relationships as normal? According to whom?


Matriarchy that didn’t know how to use their voice in their generation? (we can excuse this…and now we know how to use our voices)

Society conditioning girls to aspire to being princesses and marriage whilst boys are conditioned to aspire to being the super hero and have a career?

We need to take our power back.

If we want to be in a relationship, then we need to have a conversation on setting ourselves up for the right love.

No more diminishing who we are. No more dimming our light.

It’s time to show up with a new approach. The Right Love Set Up.

More on this here, watch this video.

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