I work with women who are willing to be accountable for the energy they bring, and are committed to change not just interested in change.

I’m committed to helping you attract and nurture the kind of relationship that allows you to be you. To live in a space of love, growth, ambition, joy, fulfilment, and harmony.

My coaching and guidance helps you make the shift ……

My BIG why?

Many women, far too many women’s lights dim when they become one of these women.

a woman with a man who is under-par
a woman who waits on a man to define her
a woman who looses her spark and identity to follow his dream
a woman who is not living the best version of herself because she is waiting on a knight in shining amour to rescue her
a woman who settles for less than the best and the right relationship for her
a woman who focuses on getting him to be different instead of looking at who she is being to allow the unfavourable situation
a woman working her ass off trying to ‘upgrade her man’ when he is only there for the ride and she doesn’t see it
a woman who will have children only to hopefully give him ‘a reason to stay’or it will ’save her marriage’
a woman who puts her life on hold waiting for him to make the decision
a woman who stays in a stagnant, painful or abusive relationship for the sake of appearances or for religious reasons
a woman who will say her relationship is just good enough or it will do

What you really want only exists through mindfulness intention and choice.

How can we work together?

I work with women who are ready to stop being ‘right all the time’ but instead who are ready to be present, just be, and see what is. This is the space where transformation begins.

If this is you, then here are your 3 options..

  • Connector.

    6 weeks of One-on-One Deep Inner Work Coaching

  • Connector.

    3 Months of One-on-One Deep Dive Coaching.

  • Connector.

    6 Months of One-on-One Deep Transformational Coaching.