‘I’m very grateful to you Moira for reminding me that intentionally creating the life and relationship I desire is an option. You’ve empowered me to choose it and although I wish I had this perspective when I was a teenager, I’m so glad I know it now.’ –  Sian

‘This is the best money I’ve ever spent. I can really say I invested in me.’– Arshiya

‘You’ve brought out the best of me emotionally. I finally connected with myself in a way I only dreamed about. My boyfriend says it’s like living with a different person. Previously I would have been offended but I get it now. I was a nightmare and I blamed everyone. I has never stopped to consider how I was contributing to the situation. I’m so thankful you helped me wake up.’ – Rachel

‘After my first transformational conversation with Moira, my brain was fried by the realisation that an experience that was seemingly insignificant to me was actually running my life and I was living in so much fear. With Moira’s coaching, I finally feel liberated, and I’m excited about the next chapter’. – Anita

‘I cried after three dates with the guy I previously never gave a second look. I’ve been working with him for two years and just never gave him the time of day. Last month he asked me if I would like to go out for lunch sometime and with my new openness and allowance I said yes. On the first date I asked why now, we’ve worked together so long what made you ask now? He said I was different he couldn’t explain it, all he could say was there is something different about you now.
The most interesting part was that he revealed that he has been wanting to ask me out for a while but I just had the ‘don’t even’ vibe.
I cried because after our third date I realized, I’m enjoying getting to know him, we are having so much fun, I’m so relaxed about where it will go, taking it a day at a time and he’s been there around me for two years. It’s been me with my ‘don’t even’ vibe all along. A million thank yous I’m a new woman.’
– Maya