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    I’m Moira Chigariro-Hakutizwi. The Relationship Success Mindset Coach for professional women struggling with finding, building and keeping longterm loving relationships.

    I help you clear blocks to love so you can intentionally attract the right partner – which is what will allow you to create a fulfilling thriving relationship for a life with more happiness, harmony and ease.


    My clients are professionals, business coaches, health coaches, service based consultants, beauty, health and lifestyle bloggers. Together we are creating a world where mindful happy relationships are normal.

    I live in the UK with my little piece of heaven: my soul mate + great husband of 14 years + amazing dad and our beautiful 4 year old Chief Activity Director.

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We all know that everybody has a relationship story.

I know that 2 things can change the unfulfilling reality of your love life.

1. You could get ‘’lucky’’ and just bump into your soulmate but how many people can count on that and still not screw it up?


2. You can become the kind of woman who purposefully attracts her soul mate with the kind of habits and a mindset that is intentional and makes choices that nurture her and work for her.

That’s what I did years ago, but most of my friend’s and family think I’m just ‘’lucky’’. But I know that after some of the BS I put up with in previous relationships, I had to become a certain kind of woman to meet the man who cherishes me, who is loving, authentic, faithful, respectful and bold and we’ve been happily married for 14 years.

In my experience some of the stories we share are romantic, others are adventures. Others are dramas that turn into horrors, and anything in between.

I help the women I work with explore where they went off track, discover where they are blocking love and happiness and guide them to clarity and their truth so they can be more of themselves to attract the right man and create and build their ideal relationship.

If any of this had piqued your interest and you want to know more you can ……..